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Episode 80: Jamaican Me Crazy – Jaspe...

Jasper's Jamaican Planter's Punch podcast

Jasper’s Jamaican Planter’s Punch is a more contemporary take on an old drink called simply, Planter’s Punch. Resembling punches of the colonial-era, Planter’s Punch appears to have originated in the Caribbean in the early to mid-1800s. Where exactly in the Caribbean is the question, since most references just point to the “West Indies.” The unusual […]

Episode 6: Martini – Commentary

Since we started doing the show we’ve located certain scenarios that cocktail stories frequently follow. As far as we know, the scenario that the Martini follows is unique…no other cocktail has the value to our culture that the Martini has. I like to say that we need the Martini more than it needs us. What […]

Episode 79: Like Watching Varnish Dry...

Do you like cocktails that are named after a 19th century varnish? Then step right up to the bar and order a Japalac Cocktail. That’s right folks, nothing says quenching your thirst like old lacquer! This recipe shows up first and only in Albert Stevens Crockett’s Old Waldorf Bar Days (1931). It was another creation […]


Every drink in your favorite movies and TV


I saw Predator in the theater back in 1987 when it first came out. Since then the storyline has continued and expanded and there is always a Predator alien walking around comic cons…this 30 year old film has stayed relevant for a long time. Watching it again I can see why. The story  hasn’t lost […]

Captain America: The First Avenger

I didn’t think I was going to like Captain America. I expected it to lack nuance and the characters to be flat because it was one of the first produced for the MCU and I wasn’t yet aware that Marvel had a new vision for the stories. It surprised me. It had heart and I […]

Episode 5: Margarita – Commentary

This episode was an important turning point in the show. Remember, Jay and I had already produced many episodes together in the 50s and 60s episodes, Mick had joined us relatively recently and we had a formula that was working pretty well. I liked our production; I liked the show. So in this episode Jay […]

Episode 78: Getting Rubbed Out – Jack...

The Jack Rose Cocktail ingredients look like a deconstructed fruit bowl, bringing together Applejack, lemon juice (or sometimes lime juice), and grenadine. Dating back to the early 20th century, Cocktail Bill Boothby appears to have brought it to print, but attributes it to New York bartender R.H. Townes. The name is a bit of a […]