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Like many series’ I’ve started without realizing the extended commitment I was engaging in I’ve seen a few of these films early on. I’ve seen the first Predator and the first few Aliens but when you start seeing the Alien skulls in the Predator ships you realize there is something larger going on. And then it becomes too big to conceive of without a carefully laid out plan. So I shelved those films for a while.

While I wasn’t looking, an extensive story was developed, and now I hear Predator isn’t part of the story thread and Blade Runner might be? Well, I’m into the experience of it all so I’m going to include all three in this category and do the IMBDb thing along with it and since many of these will be a first time viewing, I’m looking forward to it.

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Predator 2

Predator 2 - bar scene

First of all, the interpretation of 1997 was definitely much crazier than it actually was. The future police station actually seemed to devolve from a standard 80s vision of the police station. And the unbridled nature of gang warfare was a little over the top…unless that’s how it was in 1997. I wouldn’t know. I […]


I saw Predator in the theater back in 1987 when it first came out. Since then the storyline has continued and expanded and there is always a Predator alien walking around comic cons…this 30 year old film has stayed relevant for a long time. Watching it again I can see why. The story  hasn’t lost […]