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Monthly archives for June, 2019

Agents of SHIELD – 0-Eight-Four S1 E2

Well, I have to say it. I was wrong. You would think secret agents dealing with crazy science fiction circumstances where reality bends at a moment’s notice wouldn’t want to incapacitate themselves with drink or have time for that kind of habit, but episode two of Agents of SHIELD proved that they will booze it […]

Agents of SHIELD – Pilot S1E1

First episode of Agents of SHIELD I felt set up the show nicely. The team was assembled. We see that it’s non-traditional circumstances and it’s a bunch of highly skilled misfits. Coulson is back from the dead and there’s some big secret in that regard and the main threat is a callback from the super […]

All Hail the King – Marvel One Shot

This is the last of the Marvel One Shots I know of, definitively taking place after Iron Man 3 and giving some credence to the Ten Rings demanding some control over their reputation. We see Trevor Slattery, Aldrich Killian’s actor portraying the Mandarin, and actually we see Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 in a […]

Iron Man 3

Nothing demonstrates Tony Stark’s evolution of his character more than this film so far. He drinks so much in 1 and 2 and he’s the only one drinking in the first Avengers movie, I expected this would be more of the same. But we learn that his experience fighting the Chitauri has left some psychological […]

Item 47 – Marvel One Shot

I really dig these video shorts Marvel produced. They are little bridges to the next big story that fills in the gaps. This One Shot makes the alien invasion of New York from the Avengers a realistic event with understandable consequences. It’s essentially a “what if” story, as is most science fiction, demonstrating the impact […]