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All Hail the King – Marvel One Shot

All Hail the King – Booze Tally

This is the last of the Marvel One Shots I know of, definitively taking place after Iron Man 3 and giving some credence to the Ten Rings demanding some control over their reputation. We see Trevor Slattery, Aldrich Killian’s actor portraying the Mandarin, and actually we see Justin Hammer from Iron Man 2 in a prison jumpsuit as well in the ending credits adapting to life behind bars. When I saw it was a prison setting I expected not to find much, but actually alcohol was significantly represented for the setting and the 13 minute run time

Trevor Slattery gets beer in prison
  • Getting alcohol in prison isn’t unheard of for certain prisoners if they have enough money to pay the guards. You see something similar in Goodfellas when we see how mobsters do time. In the earlier scene we see the level of celebrity Slattery has earned (though I’m not sure how that translates into cash) so it’s not totally surprising at first thought, but if you really think about it, he needs more than popularity to get special treatment in lockup.
    Booze Tally: 1 beer
Was that a monkey drinking vodka?
  • Slattery is shown a trailer for his failed Russian cop TV show from the 80s. It’s trashy, nonsensical, and overdone like any 80s program; it’s perfectly Trevor Slattery. There is one scene with most of the booze for the Marvel One Shot. It’s at a ridiculous bar where the woman behind him sits alone drinking a Cosmopolitan (maybe?), he does a shot of vodka and the camera pans over where a monkey sits on the bar with a bottle of vodka and a shot.
    “Was that a monkey drinking vodka?”
    Ridiculous as it was meant
    Booze Tally: 1 bottle & 2 shots of vodka, Cosmopolitan

I’m assuming this is the last we’ll see of Trevor Slattery, though I hope we get to see more of the Ten Rings.

Here is the video for those of you who have missed this gem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mceyJxMuYFE

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