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Show Us Your Cocktail: Aviation

Show Us Your Cocktail – Gimlet

Show Us Your Cocktail – Martini

Show Us Your Cocktail – Margarita

Show Us Your Cocktail – Margarita

Show Us Your Cocktail – Sidecar

Show Us Your Cocktail: Tom Collins

Show Us Your Cocktail: French 75

Show Us Your Cocktail: Manhattan


Show Us Your Algonquin

In our journey to see what bartenders in Chicago can do with our featured cocktails we stop off at a couple places. At Elixir in Andersonville, Mitch decided the Algonquin needed something to brighten it and added a touch of lime At our liquid playground, Ward Eight, Anders made a traditional Algonquin and talks a […]

Show Us Your Alamagoozlum

Anders at Ward Eight did an outstanding job mixing up this beast of a drink, the Alamagoozlum, one of the most delicious of all of the cocktails we’ve sampled over the years. I was so excited I forgot to take a picture before drinking half of it. A few days later Jay (Research Guy) and […]