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Episode 39: Floats Like a Butterfly &...

Episode 39: Floats Like a Butterfly – Stinger

You know that age when you’re old enough to drink but haven’t quite conditioned yourself to the taste of alcohol.  That’s how the Stinger happened. The origins of the Stinger are unclear but the first written reference to the cocktail is in 1917.  Whatever its origins, the Stinger became a kind of upper crust cocktail […]

Potions Class Episode 2: Winter Basil...

Potions Class Episode 2: Winter Basil Lemonade

Potions Class #2:  I’ve got a friend with a food blog…it’s a little more than just food and recipes, it’s like a memoir paired with novelty tastes and pretty pictures.  It’s called http://www.storyofakitchen.com/ (there’s an interview with the author here:  http://myfriendsareawesome.com/lisa-preston-hsu-food-doctor/).  Of course, I was drawn to the drinks sections.  Let me make it clear, […]

Episode 37: Knickerbockers Everywhere...

Episode 37: Knickerbockers Everywhere – Knickerbocker

Episode #37 is about Knickerbockers. Besides being a really fun word to say, Knickerbockers are a real thing that has significance in American history.  In 1809 Washington Irving wrote a satirical history of New York under the pen name Diedrich Knickerbocker.  That’s where the term is born.  That name became synonymous with the Dutch elite […]

Off the Shelf #3: St. George Gins

Off the Shelf #3: St. George Gins

Not long ago I saw St. George posted some pics of their fruit liqueur production and immediately made it my goal to obtain some to try.  I looked around, and all I could find at my usual providers were St. George gins.  I engaged them in the Twitterverse to see where I could get some […]