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Potions Class Episode 2: Winter Basil Lemonade

Potions Class #2:  I’ve got a friend with a food blog…it’s a little more than just food and recipes, it’s like a memoir paired with novelty tastes and pretty pictures.  It’s called http://www.storyofakitchen.com/ (there’s an interview with the author here:  http://myfriendsareawesome.com/lisa-preston-hsu-food-doctor/).  Of course, I was drawn to the drinks sections.  Let me make it clear, she does have alcoholic drinks amongst the selection but a good portion of them are just plain ole beverages.

I decided to brew up some of the basil lemonade (http://www.storyofakitchen.com/drink-recipes/basil-lemonade/) she has listed and so I took some of the syrup to Fion for Bobby to play with.  He was excited to see the lemon-basil combo because that served as the base for one of his regular cocktails, the Cubby Blue.

And yes, I did just have the lemonade too.

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