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Aviation Origins

According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word “aviation” didn’t even exist until the mid 19th century. The concept of flight, or more specifically, humans engaged in flight, was on the minds of humans for thousands of years, so when it was actually achieved it was a big event. Major events, people, places or things […]

Gimlet Origins

Gimlet Origins

It was long ago when we first did this episode but I recall it being a surprising one because the Gimlet has two origin possibilities that you can find online easily, one seems solid the other seems kind of like bullshit. A gimlet is a common word especially even if you go back all the […]

Martini Origins

The Martini episode was one of those we couldn’t really get a grip on. There isn’t a definitive record of its creation and there was a lot going on at the time that muddy the historical record. If we just look at earliest mentions of the drink with the name associated with the commonly accepted […]

Margarita Origins

The history of the Margarita is one big mess, not by virtue of its age but because of its popularity. Everyone wants a piece of it so there are numerous claims but very little evidence to back up those claims. Here are a few that we uncovered: According to Marion Gorman and Felipe de Alba’s […]

Sidecar Origins

We feel fairly confident about where the Sidecar comes from. Though often the drink is credited to Harry MacElhone both of the first references, including one by MacElhone, give Patrick McGarry of Buck’s Club in London credit for first making it. First Printed Recipe Vermeire, Robert. (1922). Cocktails, how to mix them. London: H. Jenkins. […]

Tom Collins Origins

Researching the Tom Collins was extremely difficult with such a common name from the time, but Jay did his best and came up with some ideas. First Printed Recipe The Tom Collins makes its first appearance in a recipe book in the 1876 version of the Jerry Thomas book. From then on it can be […]

French 75 Origins

The origins of the French 75 cocktail are pretty well buttoned up First Printed Recipes We’ve found that Robert Vermeire of London’s Embassy Club is an excellent resource for locating the origins of classic cocktails as he often details who made them and where (and usually his information works out well). The French 75 is […]

Manhattan Origins


Typically when we look at the cocktail origins we look for the first listing in cocktail recipe books and we look for first reference anywhere else we can find it. First Printed Recipes Earliest written recipes for the Manhattan are in three books from 1884. The more well-known is: Byron, O. H. (1884). The modern […]