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Monster Summoning I: Hendricks, Berries & Basil


Monday was Labor Day and everybody’s’ schedules were all askew, so Bobby and I did a real quick episode based on a fan suggestion.  The fan is a knowledgeable Wisconsin bartender (Twitter: @dy_mixes; if you do Twitter, follow her, she’s cool) who writes her own blog (funbehindbars.blogspot.com; or if you choose to join the throngs on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fun-Behind-Bars/440873669282583).  I mentioned how I like Hendricks and she was quick with a tasty concoction:  Hendricks, berries and basil.  Bobby said, “Sure, I can make that.  Let’s do it”. I believe he used the word “wheelhouse” somewhere in that exchange.

If any of our fans would like us to try something they think is special, please, send it in and we’ll do a short spot or review on it.  We love trying new things!

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