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Monthly archives for June, 2018

Agent Carter S1E8 – Valediction

I think you’ve had a few too many martinis to fly a plane This is from a flashback of how Howard Stark was infiltrated by the Russian spy-assassin Dottie Underwood. He invites her to fly with him. She rejects the offer based on his intoxication. So this scene shows us how Stark was compromised, but […]

Episode 86: When the Fat Lady Sings –...

For as many times that we have said that there aren’t a whole lot of Scotch cocktails, we have another one for you! This one also has the name of a person, which sometimes is helpful like the Lucien Gaudin and sometimes unhelpful like the Barbara West. We are somewhere in the middle with The […]

Episode 85: The Gin Is Mightier Than ...

Lucien Gaudin Cocktail

At first glance, you might say that this cocktail has an unusual combination of ingredients, featuring gin, Campari, French Vermouth and Cointreau. And then you realize it is a Negroni with Cointreau. Oh well, there are only so many ingredients! The Lucien Gaudin Cocktail on the surface seems like a perfect cocktail to be able […]