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Agent Carter S1E8 – Valediction

  • I think you’ve had a few too many martinis to fly a plane
    This is from a flashback of how Howard Stark was infiltrated by the Russian spy-assassin Dottie Underwood. He invites her to fly with him. She rejects the offer based on his intoxication. So this scene shows us how Stark was compromised, but then also reveals that his planes can run completely on autopilot as he tells her not to worry…that the planes fly themselves…which of course is important in the final episode of the season.

This episode reveals that in Agent Carter, the villains aren’t much smarter than anywhere else. Dr. Fennhoff engages in a costly delay to fulfill a vendetta and it ultimately disrupts their plot which would be horrifically costly to New York. Dottie loses her cool and is beaten because of it (though escapes in the end). And the whole thing wraps up with a teaser for a future season or episode. Now I know Agent Carter has only two seasons which means that Fennhoff comes back next season (which I hate) or the plot line dies right here. Neither option is ideal.

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