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Monthly archives for May, 2018

Episode 84: Twisting the Lion’s...

The Lion’s Tail cocktail is one of just many, many recipes originating from the Café Royal Cocktail Book (1937), that never really appeared again until very recently. Most of the ingredients are pretty standard, with the exception of Pimento Liqueur, more commonly known as Allspice Dram nowadays. We discuss this rum-based liqueur’s Caribbean origins, strong […]

Episode 10: The Daiquiri – Commentary


With the Daiquiri episode we come to the first one where I read a book to support the show content.  Now to be exact, this isn’t the first episode I read a book for, but it’s the first one that I went back and replaced old content where I did read a book.  Episode 40 […]

Episode 83: Besottedly Correct – The ...

In the U.S. of today the term liberal has very specific connotations. What did it mean when the Liberal Cocktail was created in the 1890s though? Was the creation a celebration of or jab at late 19th-century liberal ideals? If you had that label, what were you fighting for? Join us as explore the concept […]