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The Brixton – Chicago: Black Country ...

Black Liver Project has been focusing primarily on classic cocktails in our endeavors, but with the way craft cocktails are booming right now we want to juxtapose what’s happening now with drinks from the cocktail era (1860-1940) and discuss some of the differences we’re seeing. Because these drinks are completely new there isn’t a lot of […]

Monster Summoning 6: The Thin White D...

It pleases me to present the next Monster Summoning episode wherein we feature new cocktails born from the minds of liquid genius.  The Brixton is where we record our Monster in a Glass series, wherein we discuss and taste classic cocktails both popular and forgotten, and Michael Donnelly, the bartender we work with, always knows […]

Field Trip #2: Billy Sunday

Field Trip #2: Billy Sunday

We finally got up the steam to go on another Black Liver Project field trip.  Over a year ago I found an article on unique cocktails in the Chicagoland area. I was immediately smitten. Crazy, exotic, strange ingredients used to enhance the cocktail experience…I was totally all for it.  One such ingredient was ambergris in […]

Monster Summoning 3: Field Trip to M...

Monster Summoning 3:  Field Trip to Mercadito — Pepino el Pyu

Our first field trip was a great time and an opportunity to try some new cocktails, one with a rare ingredient.  Mercadito and their bartender Justin welcomed us to their bar where they mixed us a few of their signature cocktails including the focus of our mission the Pepino el Pyu containing the hard to […]

Monster Summoning 2: Lucy June

Monster Summoning 2:  Lucy June

  A friend of the Black Liver Project (thanks Morgan!) sent us a recipe of a cocktail she saw online.  Because we love trying new things, I was happy to take this to our bartender, Bobby, and he whipped one up for us real quick.  It was different and strange and we love both of […]

Monster Summoning I: Hendricks, Berr...

Monster Summoning I:  Hendricks, Berries & Basil

Monday was Labor Day and everybody’s’ schedules were all askew, so Bobby and I did a real quick episode based on a fan suggestion.  The fan is a knowledgeable Wisconsin bartender (Twitter: @dy_mixes; if you do Twitter, follow her, she’s cool) who writes her own blog (funbehindbars.blogspot.com; or if you choose to join the throngs […]