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The Brixton – Chicago: Black Country Rock

Black Liver Project has been focusing primarily on classic cocktails in our endeavors, but with the way craft cocktails are booming right now we want to juxtapose what’s happening now with drinks from the cocktail era (1860-1940) and discuss some of the differences we’re seeing. Because these drinks are completely new there isn’t a lot of history to go over, so these shows are a lot shorter…something to listen to on the commute home.

Our friends over at the Brixton whipped up something from their menu: The Black Country Rock. Yes, that’s the name of a David Bowie song. Michael tells us that the Brixton owners hearken from the days of punk and glam rock so the bar uses a lot of imagery and language from that period in music, particularly the cocktail list. The cocktail itself has mezcal as its base. Mezcal is a difficult spirit to mix with because the smoke flavor is so strong and it doesn’t play well with many other ingredients, but in this cocktail that forward flavor is offset by mixing it with a blackberry shrub, a wonderful and ingenious taste pairing. It’s a totally surprisingly delicious combination which…as we discuss…is kind of the spirit of the latest cocktail movement.

black country rock pic

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