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Item 47 – Marvel One Shot

I really dig these video shorts Marvel produced. They are little bridges to the next big story that fills in the gaps.

This One Shot makes the alien invasion of New York from the Avengers a realistic event with understandable consequences. It’s essentially a “what if” story, as is most science fiction, demonstrating the impact of alien technology being found by regular people and grappling with not only the capability to use it but also the moral implications of suddenly having so much power.

A down on their luck couple discovers an alien weapon, he learns how to use it and they embark on a bank robbing spree. It doesn’t take long before they are noticed by SHIELD and are scheduled to be neutralized and have the weapon taken into custody. Agent Blake sends Agent Jasper Sitwell (who we saw in The Consultant and in Thor) on the mission and in the ensuing struggle an understanding is reached wherein Bennie and Claire are seen as potential assets to the SHIELD organization.

I’m really hoping to see all of these characters developed in the MCU

As for the booze count…it is zero. I expected there would be a “fabulous wealth montage” with popping corks and clinking glasses between scenes of various bank heists, but no, Bennie and Claire did not seem to find intoxication a demonstration of their new found wealth and power…which is unusual in this kind of story. There weren’t even a few empty Bud Light bottles on the side table in their hotel room. Low class criminals ALWAYS have empty bottles around the room, but in this case, it’s not part of their characters. This is refreshing.

As far as SHIELD goes, so far I haven’t seen one of them take a drink. Phil Coulson seems all business even at times he could have a drink and Nick Fury doesn’t seem like the kind to let his hair down.

So I’ve never seen Agents of SHIELD and I’m expecting now that this short is an example of the stories I will see in that show. I’m looking forward to it though based on what I’ve seen so far…the booze count might be pretty low.

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