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Agents of SHIELD – The Asset S1 E3

Episode 3 of AoS was another good one with three booze items each one used as a specific tool in the plot

Quinn shares a bottle with Hall. A toast to evil!
  • A free market mining tycoon Quinn kidnaps a SHIELD physicist, Hall, to work with a new super powerful element. In order to smooth relations and develop a cooperative relationship Quinn shares what I assume is a good bottle of some brown spirit with Hall. It’s a combination of a peace offering as well as a toast to new collaboration.
    Booze Tally: 1 bottle and 2 glasses brown spirit (it’s Europe, specifically Malta, so I’m guessing brandy or scotch)
Quinn holds an event and announces new innovation. A toast to evil!
  • A high society event with lots of wine. The MCU has lots of these. We saw them in Agent Carter, the Avengers movie and of course anything with Tony Stark. These are plot events that feature fancy dressed people mingling with drinks in their hands and tend to really boost the booze count in any story. Usually they also feature some kind of infiltration by the heroes while the super villain is distracted hobnobbing with the rubes he or she is about to dominate, as was the case here. I tried to tally as many of the drinks I could, but some just aren’t clear so I usually indicate these as a bar scene to represent a lot of drinking beyond the physical count. Otherwise, this party is white wine heavy
    Booze Tally: 12 glasses of white wine, 2 glasses of red wine, and a short drink with brown spirit
As reality unravels around him, Hall toasts to the destruction of Malta
  • In the climax of the episode as Hall is attempting to destroy the super element and the gravity in the environment goes cattywumpus he goes into the cabinet and pulls out the bottle that Quinn poured from earlier. He pours the brown liquid into a glass and it pours sideways. It’s a trick. It’s done for effect even within the story, but it’s important that it is alcohol. It’s strange, but it would be hard to imagine this scene having as much impact if it were a Pepsi or Gatorade. Also it’s significant he’s pouring from the same bottle Quinn used to seal their agreement. Pouring himself another drink, Hall is breaking that agreement with another toast and he’s doing as the world around him unravels.
    Booze Tally: 1 bottle and 1 glass brown spirit (as above, likely brandy, possibly scotch)

Coulson gets what he wanted…Melinda May back as a soldier. Coulson still hasn’t had a drink. They did not end the episode with celebration beers.

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