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Predator 2

Predator 2 - bar scene

First of all, the interpretation of 1997 was definitely much crazier than it actually was. The future police station actually seemed to devolve from a standard 80s vision of the police station. And the unbridled nature of gang warfare was a little over the top…unless that’s how it was in 1997. I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember much of the 90s.

Also the flintlock pistol at the end of the movie with the name and date of the previous owner etched in a brass plaque in the stock didn’t seem so natural. Frankly, the pistol alone said that the alien hunters have been with us a LONG time without putting a date on it.

As far as the booze goes, the movie was too action packed to take any time over drinks. Not even the bad guys hung out surrounded by flowing champagne bottles which is usually the case, designating their wealth and depravity.

There is one scene in a bar where there are many drinks, none that you get a good look at so we’ll just use the bar icon in this case.

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