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Agent Carter S1E2 – Bridge and Tunnel

Marvel Agent Carter S1E2 morning booze

In the second episode we get to see just how bad the bad guys are. We get to know the killer henchman a little more; cruel, efficient, unrelenting, but we also learn there is a larger entity he reports to…in a typewriter.

  • Glass of Port: One of the hits is a shady dealer (presumably weapons) who was enjoying dinner when it is …interrupted. He has a glass of something dark and vaguely brownish red. It could be grape juice but that’s no fun. Red wine is possible but the color doesn’t seem right and the glass and the amount suggest something with a little more oomph. I’m thinking port. People who drink at dinner are high class and/or low morales…if it’s both it means crime boss.

  • 5 short glasses of brown liquid: Served to the SSR agents investigating the Roxxon corporation as they are speaking with the company president, Hugh Jones. The first scene has three but as the episode goes on we can assume Mr. Jones indulges in two more. This is pure characterization for the Jones personality.
    “To your very good health, gentlemen.”
    “It’s 10:45 in the morning…”


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