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Agent Carter S1E3 – Time and Tide

I love it when a story doesn’t shy away from escalating the costs of a dangerous lifestyle. The plot is moving right along, not plodding…so much so there isn’t much time for boozing.

  • After removing the primary assassin from play, the SSR goes and checks out his room. I’m actually quite surprised to see a clear bottle and a single glass next to it (in the background of the cover image) so much so, I kind of dismiss it as a water bottle. The assassin was Russian so it would likely be vodka, but highly disciplined ruthless killers are not typically associated with boozing. Now if we treated these fictitious antagonists as actual people, I would expect the act of killing so many people so casually is going to have an impact…the guy should have a serious alcohol problem…but that acts in direct opposition to the concept of heightened abilities and discipline that we cling to, because that’s pretty much what we know of the character…and that his typewriter talks to him. So in the first scene I didn’t acknowledge the bottle properlyHowever, later at SSR HQ there is a conversation,“We’re still pulling what’s left of him from the truck wreckage, we were able to lift some prints from the passports that I found, and a vodka bottle, plus we got this beauty…” pats typewriter.So we know, our killer ties one on after a job.
  • The only other item was by reference only.“I got a bottle of schnapps and half a rhubarb pie, let’s see which one makes us sick first”Peggy’s neighbor, Angie, wants to hang out and commiserate. Schnapps seems appropriate.

    Schnapps is popular in the MCU. Steve Rogers had some schnapps with Dr. Erskine in the first movie.

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