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I saw Predator in the theater back in 1987 when it first came out. Since then the storyline has continued and expanded and there is always a Predator alien walking around comic cons…this 30 year old film has stayed relevant for a long time. Watching it again I can see why. The story  hasn’t lost anything over the years. To some extent I think this is because it’s set in a jungle away from cultural markers that would date it. It’s also a “band of brothers” type story. If the characters are believable those stories usually are pretty engaging even if the characters are getting picked off one by one. It’s essentially a Dungeons and Dragons campaign gone horribly wrong.

I wasn’t expecting to see much booze in this film. I was surprised by what there was.

  • In the opening scene we see Carl Weathers character waiting for Schwartenegger  and his team to fly in for the mission. He sits calmly at a table sipping a brown liquid from a short glass, bottle on the table as well. This scene indicates the character is different, in control, powerful, leadership, but also isolated in his command. What is he drinking? No idea. I feel like the scene is setup for scotch.
  • Predator flask

    Flask from the film Predator

    One of the guys on the mercenary team carries a flask. He refers to its contents as “home.” We never see the contents so we get no clues by appearance. Considering that he’s from the U.S., I’m assuming it’s not Malort, probably the most ‘flaskable’ spirit from the U.S. is bourbon. I’m going with that.

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