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Agent Carter S1E5 – The Iron Ceiling

This was a very boozy episode. It also brings back other characters from the Captain America movie which is something I appreciate for the continuity.

  • Dum-Dum Dougan asks Peggy if she brought him what he asked. When she produces a bottle she says is from her own private stash he says
    The Germans are geniuses when it comes to beer, but they don’t know bourbon like the US of A.
    He then pours two cups
    It is interesting to note Peggy’s private stash contains bourbon named “Axel Grease”. Any Axel Grease bourbon out there?
  • Around the camp fire we see three more cups from the bourbon bottle. My thought is that these guys are awful comfortable in enemy territory to be passing a bourbon bottle around the fire
  • Dooley is speaking with a journalist friend in a bar. Dooley has a scotch (brown drink but we know scotch is Dooley’s drink) the informant is drinking a beer
    Anything you can tell me about the battle of Finnow, anything I don’t already know, buys you a scotch.
    And then
    Scotch for my friend (but we’ll just call it one because it refers to the last one)
    and then the drink is poured
  • Dum-Dum Dougan gives the rescued Dr. Ivchenko the remainder of the bourbon bottle. The doctor is appreciative but looks askance and asks,
    You wouldn’t have any vodka?
    When there is no response he says,
    Desperate time I suppose
    takes a swig, gasps, and then says
    This is terrible. Might I have the rest?
    As they leave Dougan says
    Bye bye bourbon
    One thing I note is that there is still quite a bit of bourbon left in the bottle by the time the doctor gets it for all of the use it has been getting in the episode.

I loved this episode. It was an adventure with a focus on discovery of strange secrets…those are my favorite stories.  Also we see that characters are mortal which is something else I value in good storytelling.

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