If you're into thinkin' and drinkin'

Agent Carter S1E6 – A Sin To Err

  • Let’s take a break. How about a drink?
    Thank you. How about two?
    Dooley pours himself and Dr. Ivchenko two short glasses of brown liquid…it came from Dooley’s office so it is scotch. Dooley pours 3 more through the scene talking with the doctor.
  • I need you to go to your favorite bar. Order a bourbon, only the best, top shelf. Savor that bourbon; enjoy it.
    Agent Yauch is hypnotized and given instructions to have a drink and then end it all. At least Ivchenko was kind enough to have Yauch’s last drink be a good one

Carter’s cover is blown by Sousa and she kicks ass all over the place. We also see now how Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie Underwood work together

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