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Agent Carter S1E4 – The Blitzkrieg Button

Something I really like about this show is the inclusion of Howard Stark, Tony Stark’s grandfather. That kind of legacy to the story is really cool.

  • Sherry: In the car ride back to Howard Stark’s, Howard is looking to diffuse tension of the circumstances. He does this by suggesting that they will have the leisure to take a pleasant drink at his home.“Let’s get back to my place, we’ll have some sherry.”
  • 2 Bloody Marys:  Howard Stark sneaks into the Griffith and is hiding out in Peggy’s room. In the morning Howard suggests ordering room service like it’s a hotel. Again Howard is deflecting the seriousness of the situation with alcohol, specifically the morning favorite of Bloody Marys.“I’ll order up some sausage, eggs, a couple of Bloody Marys.”
  • Bottle of scotch: Agent Sousa brings in a homeless man from the docks as a potential witness to the people who tipped off the SSR to Stark’s stolen inventions. Agent Thompson appeals to the man’s hunger and alcoholism to get him to reveal the information. I’m not sure I’ve seen this used before in films or TV…I must have and am not recalling it. It seems like an obvious tactic to push the buttons of addiction for cooperation.“Mmmm, that’s good scotch

    It isn’t until the next scene that we learn that the scotch is from their supervisor’s, Roger Dooley’s, stash. This is added characterization and where we first learn that Dooley is a scotch drinker.“Wasted our time and Dooley’s scotch

    I can’t quite read the label on the bottle. If anyone has some insights to the brand that would be awesome.
  • Double scotch: Dooley starts to understand the depth of conspiracy involving Stark’s inventions. There are many players and lots of moving parts. The team is going to have to hunker down and get to work to understand the details. They’re going to need a lot of scotch to get them through.“Pour some scotch…make it a double”Except they gave it all to the witness.
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