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So this is the first film where we get to see the heroes all together. Frankly, as long as Tony Stark is part of it, I expect there to be more drinking. And I wasn’t entirely wrong. All of the drinking and references to drinking revolved around Tony Stark except for one

1 bottle and 2 glasses champagne
  • The first time we see Pepper Potts she’s sauntering about Tony’s New York penthouse barefoot and wearing cutoffs, the epitome of relaxed and low key in an otherwise remarkable environment. Tony arrives and de-suits and they share a little playful banter before settling on a toast for launching a new green energy initiative for Stark Enterprises. The whole scene is relaxed, familiar and cozy…like that couple your knew in college who always worked well and looked good together. You would go to their apartment where the tone was always mellow and heady and you never felt unwelcome. Booze tally: 1 bottle & 2 glasses champagne
Bar scene: 3 glasses of red wine and 10 glasses of white wine
  • Loki is hatching his plot to release a horde of aliens on earth and the first step is crashing a high society event. The stunt serves to steal a man’s retinal image in a gruesome fashion, but also this scene serves to demonstrate that Loki is openly disdainful of Earth’s powerful. His power is above wealth; he doesn’t need money to be powerful and he can dominate those who do. Too many glasses to count and not enough detail for certainty so I’m calling it a bar scene and giving an assumed tally based on what I could count. Booze tally: 1 bar scene, 3 glasses red wine, 10 glasses white wine
Bar scene: 6 bottles & 1 glass brown spirits, 2 bottles dark spirits, 1 bottle clear spirits, 1 bottle yellow spirits
  • Tony Stark to Loki: “Would you like a drink?”
    “Stalling me won’t change anything”
    “No, no, not stalling. Threatening. No drink? You sure? I’m having one.”
    Tony Stark’s bar is well stocked and he can use it to threaten gods. So I’m calling it a bar scene because of all of the bottles and I only gave exact counts on bottles based on liquid color Booze tally: 1 Bar scene: 6 bottles & 1 glass brown spirits, 2 bottles dark spirits, 1 bottle clear spirits, 1 bottle yellow spirits
  • Loki: “If it’s all the same to you…I’ll have that drink now.”
    Booze tally: 1 drink by reference

So this is the first film where we see the heroes working together as the Avengers. We see how conflicting personalities can find common ground to work together against a common foe, but the stage is clearly set for deeper conflict.

We also get to know SHIELD more directly, how they operate and who are the leaders and that they have a gigantic airborne aircraft carrier. I’m excited to see more of them in their series

Now that the Avengers story is taking shape the specific characterization isn’t happening as much and as such the role of alcohol in the scenario isn’t as important. Of the heroes, only Tony Stark is motivated by booze and after the first two Iron Man films we are seeing it taking a back seat in his life. Clearly it is still something that defines him, as indicated by the full bar in his high rise New York apartment, but he doesn’t constantly have a drink in his hand at this point. He is never intoxicated in this film.

So much of the film takes place on the SHIELD airship I didn’t expect to see as much drinking in this one. The whole story is taking place under the veil of a global crisis…it’s not time to party. Only the blissfully unaware masses, such as those at the gala that Loki crashes, are enjoying alcoholic beverages

As of this time, End Game was recently released and the story has been wrapped up. I’m looking forward to seeing how the entire MCU unfolds

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