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I didn’t know what to expect here. Gods drinking? You wouldn’t think so, however, it is well known that part of Norse heaven is that you spend all your time playing chess, wrastling, and drinking. So there could have been a lot of wine and ale consumption, but I wasn’t sure if it would be evident because it wouldn’t serve the storyline. Thor is no Tony Stark, but Asgard did its part with the low ABV offerings.

  • Thor throws a tantrum and tosses a banquet table. On it are a number of large golden goblets that look like they contain a thin red wine that go tumbling to the floor. On appearance alone I’m not impressed by their vintage, but it’s god wine so maybe it’s amazing. Also, I need to add that throughout the film there are other times when people are drinking out of similar goblets and I have no idea what was in them because they didn’t have clear sides. Since we have the one example of them holding wine I assume future instances contain the same. Booze Tally: 7 glasses red wine
  • At the landing site for Mjolnir a party atmosphere has sprung up. A bunch of people have gone to the site in pickup trucks with barbecues and beers, everybody taking a crack trying to “pull the sword from the stone.” I know humans often bring the party wherever they go, but I wonder if in reality we would get this kind of result from unknown phenomena from the sky. Personally, if I came across something like that in the desert, I don’t think I’d get too comfortable around it. Lots of beer in bottles, varied brands throughout the crowd. I counted as many as I noticed. Booze Tally: 5 beers
  • Volstagg, one of the Warriors Three, was written as a glutton. In every scene he wasn’t engaged with a mission he was eating and/or drinking. The first scene after the first battle with the frost giants we see him holding one of those enormous golden goblets. I’m calling it wine. Booze Tally: 1 glass red wine
  • After Thor’s first failed attempt to retrieve his hammer, Dr. Selvig retrieves him from the SHIELD agents clearly with the additional goal of having a heart to heart with him afterwards.
    Agent Phil Coulson: “Dr. Selvig, just keep him away from the bars”
    Dr. Selvig: “I will”
    Thor: “Where are we going?”
    Dr. Selvig: “To get a drink”
    Booze Tally: 1 bar by reference
  • Dr. Selvig takes Thor out drinking and the typical old guy-mentor talk with the superhero. This is a common trope. We see it in Captain America too and where is the generation gap best bridged…usually over some drinks. So they’re essentially at some desert roadside bar having some beers and then supposedly as the final round Dr. Selvig orders some boilermakers. It’s a good believable scene until the boilermakers come out…the catharsis from the scene with all of the dialogue. Booze Tally: 1 bar, 8 beers, 2 boilermakers

  • Thor’s chums are stewing in Asgard and things slowly start unraveling in the heavenly kingdom. Fandral makes a comment to Volstagg about his non-stop eating. Fandral clearly has never heard about self medicating one’s anxiety with food
    “You’ve managed to consume four wild boars, six pheasant, a side of beef and two casks of ale.”
    Booze Tally: 2 casks of ale by reference
  • Thor returns to Asgard and saves the day. Everyone must celebrate. Again lots of large golden goblets I’m assuming contain Strawberry Boone’s Farm. Booze Tally: 1 bar scene, 8 glasses of wine

So when Mjolnir comes down Tony Stark is facing his mortality and is given a life ring (with strings attached) from SHIELD, David Banner is being hunted by General Ross, Agent Phil Coulson immediately starts his journey to New Mexico. When Thor wraps up, Nick Fury’s big week is slowing down, but there are some things happening during Thor that we still have to review.

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