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On the Way to Thor’s Hammer – Marvel One Shot

I was so happy to learn of the Marvel One Shots, little cool vignettes that set up the timeline beautifully. This one is about Agent Phil Coulson in action. We’ve already met him in Iron Man, now we get to know more about him without the Tony Stark’s shining star always nearby.

Booze Tally: Nothing

Agent Coulson is called away suddenly in Iron Man 2. This is because Mjolnir has fallen to the Earth in the New Mexico desert and he’s called to investigate. So we have a definite timeline element here and we know this short is happening while Iron Man 2 is going on. We also know that Thor is now going on as well, and The Incredible Hulk for that matter. If you look at most Marvel timeline sites this One Shot is listed before The Consultant because the result of that One Shot appears at the end of The Hulk, but this one has to come first because this happens 500 miles away and on the way to where The Consultant happens.

Also noticed another nice MCU detail. The gas Coulson is pumping is Roxxon which was a major element in both seasons of Agent Carter…a long standing MCU corporation and I’m looking forward to seeing if it still plays in future plots.

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