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Show Us Your Cocktail – Margarita

Show Us Your Cocktail – Margarita

Margarita Origins

The history of the Margarita is one big mess, not by virtue of its age but because of its popularity. Everyone wants a piece of it so there are numerous claims but very little evidence to back up those claims. Here are a few that we uncovered: According to Marion Gorman and Felipe de Alba’s […]

Cocktail Spotlight: Sidecar

Show Us Your Cocktail – Sidecar

Sidecar Origins

We feel fairly confident about where the Sidecar comes from. Though often the drink is credited to Harry MacElhone both of the first references, including one by MacElhone, give Patrick McGarry of Buck’s Club in London credit for first making it. First Printed Recipe Vermeire, Robert. (1922). Cocktails, how to mix them. London: H. Jenkins. […]

Cocktail Spotlight: Tom Collins

Show Us Your Cocktail: Tom Collins

Tom Collins Origins

Researching the Tom Collins was extremely difficult with such a common name from the time, but Jay did his best and came up with some ideas. First Printed Recipe The Tom Collins makes its first appearance in a recipe book in the 1876 version of the Jerry Thomas book. From then on it can be […]

Cocktail Spotlight: French 75

Rich vs Poor Pour Cocktail Card

Show Us Your Cocktail: French 75