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Agent Carter S2E7 – Monsters

So we see how this is going. Whitney Frost is attempting to become a crime boss with unmotivated specialists and two bit thugs as her C-suite team. Vernon Masters hates his new job; he only relishes his power over other people in the role, but reporting to a woman clearly rankles him. I love the idea that the Oklahoma girl comes into power and doesn’t know what that means, like the average lottery winner, gets lost in the possibilities and only focuses on the pieces that support her even if they aren’t effective. Also, we see Dottie Underwood break under the effect of zero matter…there is a level where I feel like her agreeing to expose the plan wasn’t much of a stretch for her…she enjoyed playing with Vernon Masters, but when it gets serious, she doesn’t really care to protect Carter and her team from being harmed.

  • Poolside scene, not as outrageous as Howard Stark’s, but it’s a little bit of opulence. Joseph Manfredi decides it’s time to start catching a buzz for the day and suggests some grappa: I could go for some grappa. Whitney? Vernon? Alright, more for me
    Whitney accepts and Vernon declines, which is unusual for Vernon cuz he’s always drinking, and Joseph pours two glasses of grappa from a bottle. This is particularly interesting because I think this is the first time we see Whitney Frost drinking alcohol despite all of the booze flowing all around her. This is her coming into power, she no longer needs to maintain complete control because she has power…something we expect Mr. Manfredi is already familiar with…ie she’s becoming a crime boss.
    Vernon Masters has lost control…he’s not drinking. It would be interesting to see if he has any more alcohol this season.
  • Anna Jarvis treats a famished Dr. Wilkes to a Hungarian feast and of course accompanying it is 2 glasses and a bottle of red wine with what appears to be a label that says Aramencia. In the course of the conversation we learn the wine is $400 for the bottle. She then leaves to get another bottle that is $1,000. So we’ll catalog 2 bottles of wine (at least one red) and 3 glasses of red wine (she refilled his glass at one point).
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