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Agent Carter S2E10 – Hollywood Ending

The season wraps up and apparently so does the show with a ton of unresolved leads. I enjoyed the show and was looking forward to seeing more Marvel Easter Eggs.

  • The team is considering ways to beat Whitney Frost, now Madame Masque, to opening another rift. Howard offers this: “How do the most successful scientists achieve greatness?”
    Jarvis: “Given your history, drinking copious amounts of alcohol and cavorting with loose women.”
    Howard: “That’s a good guess, but it’s wrong”
    The answer is to steal it.
  • Howard and Peggy are enjoying breakfast together. Beside Peggy is a Bloody Mary and a pitcher of Bloody Mary and beside Howard is an orange juice drink and a pitcher of the same drink (Screwdriver?).

In the final episode the drinking is by reference or celebratory. I think this falls in line with what we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger as well and I expect to see similar endings to other movies and TV shows too,

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