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Agent Carter S1E7 – SNAFU

  • Does this stuff implode, explode or spice up an old fashioned?
    It’s not surprising Dooley knows the old fashioned given the times even if he would just prefer straight scotch. #BittersInEverything #RogersInEverything


  • Two glasses of white wine in Dooley’s home life fantasy. I had a little trouble with this one. You can note in the picture, those are not traditional wine glasses. Sometimes, especially in movies and TV, the glassware acts as a cue for us to know what is in the glass (because what’s actually in it is probably apple juice) but their wine glasses were a little different. But because it’s a family dinner, I don’t think they were having French 75s.

So I have to admit, I don’t care much for hypnotism as an element in any plot. Usually the way it is represented, it borders on magic and no hypnotic states I’ve seen are that powerful. But what I did really like as a byproduct of that plot device was Shea Whigham’s portrayal of Dooley under Ivchenko’s suggestion. The consistent subtle dazed look and the appearance of carrying a heavy aggravating weight

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