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Stark Expo 2010

First of all, I had no idea these existed. Here’s the link for all of you who also had no idea these existed.

It’s these little pieces of media making the MCU another slice of life in a universe we can identify with that make it so great. There is no tongue in cheek, there is nothing cornball about these. They are straight up what I would expect to see from a Stark Industries Expo if it were a real company making products generated from Iron Man technology.

Booze tally: Absolutely no booze in these videos. This is not surprising. You wouldn’t see samples of Tony Stark’s worst behavior in these productions. In the Japanese video there was a little touching on his playboy nature and mention of clubbing in Tokyo and I thought there might have been drink images at that point, but if there were I would have been disappointed because it wouldn’t have been realistic at that point. So nothing to tally and artistically I think that is more than appropriate.

Check out the videos here

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