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People in Your Neighborhood: Interview with Charles Brinkman – 3 Beers in 3 Days


In this special episode of the podcast we interview Charles Brinkman, a Chicago-based beer blogger with a careful approach to the beer experience.  Charles has been on previous episodes of the podcast including both Field Trips (http://blackliver.ning.com/profiles/blogs/field-trip-1-mercadito-pepino-el-pyu, http://blackliver.ning.com/profiles/blogs/field-trip-2-billy-sunday) and the Spiteful Brewing tasting (http://blackliver.ning.com/profiles/blogs/off-the-shelf-spiteful-brewing) and has been an active member of our community since we started.

We sat down at Norse Bar in Edgewater Chicago, enjoyed a couple of beers and had a lengthy chat about the craft beer industry, his approach to trying beers and discussing them, as well as the craft beer scene in Chicago and Kansas City (and a lot more fun diversionary topics too).

Check out his blog at: http://3beersin3days.blogspot.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/3beersin3days

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