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Off the Shelf: Beers of October

I’m finally getting the October beer tastings up. Brands we tasted are Solemn Oath, Pipeworks, Spiteful Brewing, Highland Brewery, Lazy Magnolia, Smoky Mountain Brewery and Avery.

October is the month when all of the pumpkin and pumpkin spice brews come out. I’m not really a hater, but I do find it mildly annoying that every brewer and baker has to start producing a pumpkin product to be legit. That’s why I was surprised that only one of the brands I’ve been following produced a pumpkin blend (not entirely true because Spiteful Brewing had one on the shelves, but they were gone before I could pick one up). Granted, I’m not sure if they just weren’t on the shelves where I shop or if they just didn’t respond to the pull of gourd season, we only tried one pumpkin beer and truthfully it was amazing. Avery’s Rumpkin is aged in rum barrels…and anything aged in rum barrels is so good.

Aside from that we continued tasting the beers I picked up on our vacation to Tennessee. Whenever I travel I’m always looking for the local hooch, and while some of the brands I got there were not actually from Tennessee, they are from the south and not as available up in Chicago.

So enjoy listening to the lovely Ms. Kathleen and myself taste beer.

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