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Off the Shelf: Beers of December 2014

In December, in addition to my usual go to brands (Avery, Solemn Oath, Une Annee, and of course Pipeworks) we cracked open the beer the lovely Ms. Kathleen gifted to me, the pack of International Beers from World Market. Since I received it, I’ve wondered if these would be good or if they would be commercial beers…from other countries.  That alone is mildly interesting to experience. This early selection of tastings from the World Beers I was clearly excited by the possibilities and the opportunity to get more badges on Untappd, but I think I was demonstrating hopeful forgiveness with the first few. Stars of the show this month I think are the Tweak from Avery; not really a huge fan of coffee beers, but Avery did it with their usual full-bodied flavor that I seek out…and then also Pipeworks-Forbidden Root Collaboration Ceci Ne Pas Un Bier catering to my love of black licorice-like flavor.

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