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Episode 24: Horsing Around – Horse’s Neck

When it comes to consistency, the Horse’s Neck cocktail has a whole big lack of it. This cocktail started off with no booze in it, and then added really any booze you had on hand. As time went on, it was sometimes alcoholic, sometimes not. Sometimes it had alternate names like Horse’s Neck Highball, Stiff Horse’s Neck, Horse’s Neck with a Kick, or even Horse’s Collar.

The only real consistency was that it had ginger ale in it, and a lemon peel in it. If you order one nowadays, the end of the peel is supposed to hang outside of the glass, to mimic a horse’s head hanging over a fence. Or maybe not, since the original recipe didn’t call for that. And wouldn’t it be called a Horse’s Head if that were the case?

Join us as we try to figure out why this confusing concoction was all over the place. We also discuss this drink’s association with the Royal Navy, and the marketing of it to ladies and teenagers!

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Horse’s Neck

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