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Alcohol 101: Yeast Food

Sreedhar Yedavalli, Matt Mayes and I have our third discussion in a series detailing what alcohol is and how we get variations of intoxicating liquids. In this episode we discuss how the food that the yeast consumes, primarily types of sugars, produces variations in the kinds of excretions that are added to the alcohol mix. Matt also describes a process of how to add sugar and when in order to get variations in alcohol content as well.

Again, I found this totally enlightening. I never considered how a beer with a higher ABV would be created, mostly taking it for granted it was “in the ingredients” or “just part of the process”. Now I understand that it is in fact, an orchestrated methodology that takes real understanding how the yeast critters work.

Here is the video of the conversation, with graphics used to better understand the content:

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