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Agent Carter S2E3 – Better Angels

In this episode we learn the name of the gentlemens’ club that hosts The Council of Nine is the Arena Club and much time is spent there. Due to that fact and the presence of Howard Stark and his standard level of intoxication and how much he parties there is quite a bit of drinking in this episode. When Howard Stark goes to the Arena Club, it’s a booze apocalypse.

  • Edwin Jarvis pours Peggy and Howard a couple stiff brown drinks from a carafe in the back of Stark’s Hollywood office. You can see numerous carafes behind Jarvis that are unidentifiable but certainly selections of alcohol, so I’m calling this a bar scene. This establishes further that Stark expects to constantly be drinking.
  • I’m going to pull the 39 Moet out of the cellar.
    Calvin Chadwick wants to celebrate his wife’s, Whitney Frost, decision to end her acting career.
  • Peggy goes to meet Howard but first walks with Edwin poolside as he carries a tray of drinks through the scene. Many women hanging around and drinking various cocktails designate this as a bar scene. The tray of drinks includes a yellow cocktail (possibly mimosa), a clear drink (maybe a garnishless martini) and a bloody mary meant for Howard
  • Excuse me, Terry
    It’s Torrance
    That Martini…it’s been about 5 minutes. How many more minutes until I get it?
    This statement is made in a scene wherein Howard descends upon the Arena Club with the pretended intention to join. As part of the ploy to give Agent Carter access to the private chambers of the club he invites the women from his pool party to crash the Arena Club and much excitement…and drinking ensues. It’s the Arena Club so it is a bar scene. The drinks before and during the party include: 8 Martinis (one by reference), 5 glasses of red wine, a brown drink, a brandy.
  • Agent Carter infiltrates the secret room used by The Council of Nine. Apparently everybody who sits in that meeting room has to drink scotch. Peggy enters and there are 7 glasses of scotch on the table where the meeting attendees sat. This is interesting to note: If you’re fabulously wealthy and up to no good, you like scotch.
  • Peggy learns she’s contaminated with Zero Matter and they hurry to Howard Stark to get him working on a cure before she freezes solid. One of the symptoms is that objects will float when suspended near her. He’s testing with various objects, including a bottle of what appears to be scotch. The label appears to say “Winston Canadian Scotch”. It can’t be that. He does refer to it as “the good stuff” when he drops the bottle and it shatters on the floor.
  • Working late Howard suggests coffee…then quickly slides to Irish Coffee and then quickly leaves to get the ingredients
  • When Howard Stark returns from his search for Irish Coffee he comes back instead with a bottle which looks very much like the same kind of bottle that he shattered when floating objects around Peggy. So I’m assuming he’s working late at night in his lab drinking scotch
  • One of the final scenes in this episode takes place in the Arena club, so another bar scene. Background drinks while Jack and Vernon enter include: 3 Martinis and a glass of white wine. Vernon takes Jack to meet Calvin Chadwick and he has three glasses of brown liquid (scotch?) waiting for them…if I was Jack I would have been immediately suspicious beyond return…and based on his character’s reaction I would say he was figuring out who the bad guys are. I’m excited to see if Jack goes along with it or if he infiltrates The Council of Nine to take them down.
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