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The People in Your Neighborhood – Jerry Nelson & Une Annee Brewery



For episode 27 Charles Brinkman and I take our first trip to a brewery here in Chicago.  The craft beer brewing here in Chicago is exploding with many small and medium producers distributing many new and innovative flavors and styles to bars and liquor stores throughout the city.  If you like to try different things, I’d say we’re in a golden age of beer.

I know in the podcast I said this was a field trip episode, but I recalled my previous interview with Scott Crestodina at Independent Spirits (which I named The People in Your Neighborhood) and I decided this episode was much more like that one with a definite focus on a person or group in the alcoholic beverages industry.

Jerry Nelson was very kind to allow us to come see his operation and sit down and chat about his path into the business and philosophy of brewing.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of brewing happening in the background.


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