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Episode 21: Thicker Than Water – Blo...

  The Bloody Mary is another one of those cocktails that people have been fighting over for nearly a century.  Because of its age and popularity it surely is a classic, but I think part of its popularity has been earned by its shock value. I think it’s the kind of drink people suggest to […]

Episode 19: A Vicious Cocktail – The ...

Episode 19: A Vicious Cocktail – The Algonquin Cocktail

The story of the Algonquin Cocktail is truly a fascinating, confusing, and possibly widely misattributed one. I had heard this story before and loved learning about Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Roundtable.   In 1919 a group of writers, actors and intellectuals began to frequent the Algonquin for lunch every day.  They were known as the Algonquin […]

Episode 7: Pierced by a Gimlet – The ...

Episode 7: Pierced by a Gimlet – The Gimlet

This is an amazing episode. Since we recorded it, I’ve flipped it back and forth in my mind considering the content. My position on the Gimlet story has changed since I first heard it, but I’m still astounded by how it all comes together. Jason started be describing how he located the recipe first in Patrick […]

Episode 2: The Big Guns – French 75

Episode 2: The Big Guns – French 75

I think this episode is a great example of what we mean when we say “…history through cocktails”.  It would be easy to think that every cocktail origin story is precise and worthy of storytime.  As it turns out, we’re pretty excited when we discover a cocktail that is directly and causally correlated to a […]