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Off the Shelf #2: Spiteful Brewing and Sumerian Beer Dinner Discussion

I know we did Spiteful Brewing before, but recently they came out with two very intriguing flavors that made me Tweet excitedly at Charles.  We tried the Raspberry Pigeon Porter and the Honey Stout.  

Between those tastings, though, Charles discussed his experience at the Sumerian Beer dinner hosted by The Gage here in Chicago featuring a beer brewed with classic techniques by the folks at Great Lakes Brewing.  I was so jealous when Charles told me he was going because I couldn’t make, but hearing about it was a treat as well.  He and his wife Abby told me all about it and their impressions of the beers they tried.  That kind of experience is exactly what I’m after in this project and hope to have similar experiences along the way.

Check out Charles’ write-up on the event and see pictures here: http://3beersin3days.blogspot.com/2014/04/sumerian-beer-dinner-gage-and-great.html

And before the end of our chat, I found a new awesome beer from Spiteful…If you get a chance, try the Honey Stout.  

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