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Episode 32: A Touch of Class – Cosmopolitan

To me a Cosmopolitan was always a drink and never a magazine.  I have no idea why.  I do know that the magazine exists and have for a very long time, but when I heard the word cosmopolitan it always seemed to be in reference to the cocktail.  So I always thought it was much older than my research discovered.

The cosmo is a veritable baby.  It was created in the 70s by a beach-culture bartender in Florida.  The mission was to make something girly so essentially she splashed some cranberry juice into a kamikaze to make it pink.  With a little time and the right pop endorsements the cosmopolitan is now a relatively big thing.  In the 90s the cosmo gained traction on the show “Sex in the City” as one of the main character’s cocktail of choice.  I have to take everyone’s word on that, I’ve never seen the show, and so like many drinks that have gained attention on screens (big or otherwise) it ends up being popular not for preference but for role-play.  Regardless of how it gains its power, it has a deserved seat with the classics at this point.

Bobby started by making the original version, a clear pink post-modern art looking beverage in a martini glass.  It looked pretty, futuristic and sexy, like something served at Quark’s bar on Deep Space Nine (not sure if I can get away with a Star Trek reference on this blog).

Bobby reversioned the drink using fresh berries.  It clouded the beverage up but ultimately, as is usually the case with fresh ingredients, it made a more delicious drink.

I think the coolest thing about this drink is how its prestige made it seem more classic and traditional than it was.  In the world of cocktails, when it gains name recognition, I believe there is an assumption that it is something with more history behind it.  It is evident, however, that cultural awareness is enough to give a cocktail its allure of specialty.

And let it be known, in dedication to the project at hand, I will not shirk my duty regarding the girly drinks.

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