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Episode 24: Horsing Around — Horse’s Neck

This episode continues the story where Pink Gin left off.  Originally a non-alcoholic ginger drink with lemon in 1890 by 1910 the Horse’s Neck recipe had bourbon or cognac added to it.  By 1960 this cocktail became the preferred drink of the British Royal Navy discarding the old remedy origins of Pink Gin for something that was drunk purely for pleasure.

  • 2 oz Bourbon, brandy or American rye whiskey
  • Ginger ale

The name is derived from the garnish – a long, winding whole rind peeled from a lemon immersed and following the contours of the inside of the glass with one end coming out and forming the “horse’s head”.  The drink itself was lovely, and aside from the garnish, was ultimately very simple, blending ginger and bourbon into a simple, delicious flavor I never would have put together on my own.

Bobby, however, considers these flavors a solid combination or a great base to blend other flavors when he’s creating new cocktails.  In this cocktail we have the perfect example of a classic cocktail being re-invented by bartenders who don’t know the blend they’re creating already has a name.  When the ingredients go so well together as these do, it’s not unsurprising that this kind of independent, generation can occur. 



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