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Episode 6: Martini – Commentary

Since we started doing the show we’ve located certain scenarios that cocktail stories frequently follow. As far as we know, the scenario that the Martini follows is unique…no other cocktail has the value to our culture that the Martini has. I like to say that we need the Martini more than it needs us. What […]

Episode 5: Margarita – Commentary

This episode was an important turning point in the show. Remember, Jay and I had already produced many episodes together in the 50s and 60s episodes, Mick had joined us relatively recently and we had a formula that was working pretty well. I liked our production; I liked the show. So in this episode Jay […]

Episode 4: Sidecar – Commentary

First off I need to apologize again for the background music in the front portion of the episode. Bad idea. And I can’t get rid of it without reproducing the episode…and who’s got time for that? The Sidecar is another cocktail that spun out of WWI veterans in Europe and the rise of Prohibition in […]

Episode 3: Tom Collins – Commentary

First of all, I am deeply sorry for the state of this episode. This was the 3rd episode I ever recorded back in 2013. In 2015, we came back to this episode to re-record it in the new format. At some point we had decided that the stark silence in the first part of the […]

Episode 2: French 75 – Commentary

The French 75 episode was the point where I had a couple of realizations in the production of the show. So Jay and I actually recorded this episode prior to episode #1. I don’t exactly recall why exactly,  but I think we were more prepared with the French 75 content before we were ready with […]

Episode 1: Manhattan – Commentary

Welcome everyone to our first episode of the cocktail era history podcast Monster in a Glass. Please subscribe on iTunes and Google services and spread the word about the show. A little background on how the show generated. In 2013 the sudden shocking realization that I had never had a Manhattan occurred to me and […]

What I learned from the Sidecar

What I learned from the Sidecar

So you’ve probably seen these posts I’ve been making weekly, possibly with a name of a friend of yours attached somewhere near the bottom. And like the posts before, I am announcing the release of a new episode in the Monster in a Glass lineup, the Sidecar, another Lost Generation cocktail coming out of Harry […]

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