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Agent Carter S2E6 – Life of the Party

Whityney Frost makes her powerplay. Calvin Chadwick won’t be a consideration…nor will half of the Council of Nine.

  • In Peggy’s room she has a decanter of brown spirits. Again, I have to ask if this is normal, normal for her, or something she’s doing now because she had a piece of ribar thrust through her body
  • Next morning we see in Peggy’s room a decanter of brown spirits. Probably the same one as the previous evening, but because it’s a different scene, I’m counting it again
  • Chadwick’s inauguration party. I’m calling this a bar scene because there is so much background drinks I couldn’t identify but of those I could over the course of the extensive time there includes:  19 glasses of champagne, 5 glasses of whiskey, 3 glasses of red wine, 3 dark bottles of spirits, 1 light bottle of spirits (looks like vermouth) and 1 martini
    Whiskey, up to here please, 
    Agent Thompson orders this double at the bar before Edmund Jarvis accosts him. He gets the drink and drinks it during the conversation.
    Jarvis also has a moment with a glass of champagne. Exasperated with the circumstances he snatches a glass of champagne from a passing tray and downs it in one gulp. People under stress drink quickly.

Once again we see how much drinking happens in an episode when there’s a fancy party.

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