If you're into thinkin' and drinkin'

Agent Carter S2E4 – Smoke and Mirrors

As the drama escalates there is a little less time for drinking. And Whitney Frost’s face cracks up.

  • Flashback to Peggy Carter’s engagement party where she and her fiance and brother are all sitting at a table discussing the war. Many people are in the scene drinking so it’s a bar scene. Total number of identifiable drinks is 2 glasses of white wine, and 2 glasses of brown plus Peggy’s fiance offers to “top up” their drinks when they finish them so that’s two more.
  • The Arena Club thug escapes from Carter and Sousa and runs to see Calvin Chadwick. As he enters he insists he needs a drink. Later we see him holding his glass with the brown juice. This is a pivotal scene where Whitney reveals her power and I’m pretty sure she’s going to step out now.
  • “A drink sounds pretty good right about now”
    “I’ll bring the bottle

    People drinking constantly.
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