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Agent Carter S2E2 – A View In The Dark

Holy shit there is so much drinking in this episode it was hard to track. Not only was there a lot of drinking but just a lot of story crammed into 45 minutes. I felt like I had just watched 3 episodes with everything that happened, but amazingly I don’t feel like I was cheated in being told a rushed story. But yeah, a lot, a lot, a lot of drinking.

  • The first items appear in a bar scene, a rich men’s club where one of the main bad guys, a crooked politician, Calvin Chadwick, goes to meet the secret boardroom of evil men known as the Council of Nine. In the meeting we learn of the kind of power they wield, specifically that they were responsible for the stock market crash that caused The Great Depression and made a tidy profit through the event. Chadwick orders a scotch when he enters (see next item) but there are other drinks in the room: 2 brown drinks and a brandy (based on the glassware)
  • “A little scotch, Andy, my boy” 
  • Based on the order above, I assume that The Council of Nine, all with similar looking beverages at hand, are also drinking scotch. I was able to identify 5 brown drinks at the meeting table. Also at the table is the head of Roxxon who we met in season 1 and we learned then that he essentially drinks all day long.
  • Edwin Jarvis is showing the special features of Howard Stark’s car and reveals the compartment holding the emergency bottle of champagne
  • Peggy is going to meet Dr. Wilkes at The Dunbar Hotel. This is another bar scene and here is where we rack up a ton of the episode drinks. Drinks in the background amount to 6 martinis, a glass of red wine, a glass of white wine and a glass of brandy
  • “One gin ricky, please. And for the lady?”
    “No, thank you”
    Two gin rickys
    “Nothing for me”
    A little later
    “And…I have changed my mind, I’m going to need a whiskey…neat”
    These are the drinks Dr. Wilkes and Agent Carter have at the bar. Before they depart it looks like, based on the style of glasses present on the bar, he drank 3 gin rickys and she nursed her whiskey the whole time. I assume she’s drinking bourbon because that is her drink.
  • As Peggy and Wilkes leave the Dunbar Hotel we see a shady character, the tough guy hired by the bad guys to kill Carter and Wilkes. He finishes off his brown drink and hurries after them
  • Whitney Frost returns to her dressing room to find her husband, Calvin Chadwick, sipping a brown drink and preparing to share some bad news with her. The actress playing Frost, Wynn Everett, does an excellent job showing someone cracking up inside but holding it together externally.
  • We witness a moment of Jarvis’ married bliss as we watch him attempt to corner and capture the flamingo loose on the Stark estate. Ana watches from a window laughing as she watches her husband attempt to wrangle the feisty bird. She’s drinking a glass of red wine
  • “Edwin suggested tea, but I thought whiskey was more the order of the day”
    And Ana hands Peggy a lovely glass of morning whiskey holding a glass for herself. They drink whiskey together as they talk. Again, I assume it is bourbon.

Oh my god, so much booze!

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