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Agent Carter One Shot

In my chronology for the Marvel Cinematic Universe this Agent Carter one shot film short was listed as coming after the TV show. It doesn’t make sense that way…but it was supposed to stand on its own originally… at the end of the short Howard Stark makes Peggy the head of SHIELD so we see how things progress.

The one shot sets Agent Carter as a one person unstoppable force. Howard is still always drinking.

  • Howard Stark calls the SSR office to inform the chief that Peggy Carter will be made the head of a new agency SHIELD. We see as he’s on the phone there is a martini in the foreground.
  • Howard Stark and Dum Dum Dougan, poolside, lounging in the sun each enjoying a martini: 2 martinis Frankly the martini doesn’t look right in Dougan’s beefy hand. I think that’s by design. It was good to see that character still in play.

So in 15 minutes we get 3 martinis. So boozy.

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