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Monthly archives for April, 2018

Predator 2

Predator 2 - bar scene

First of all, the interpretation of 1997 was definitely much crazier than it actually was. The future police station actually seemed to devolve from a standard 80s vision of the police station. And the unbridled nature of gang warfare was a little over the top…unless that’s how it was in 1997. I wouldn’t know. I […]

Episode 7: Aviation – Commentary

This episode is just embarrassing. Jay did a fantastic job researching the cocktail and laid out the story pretty well…at the time I don’t think I quite understood it. The problem is that the variations that we’re juggling are the first version, the traditional/popular version, and the likely version and you have to pay close […]

Episode 81: By Jupiter’s Beard ...

Episode 81: By Jupiter's Beard – Jupiter Cocktail

A name like the Jupiter Cocktail immediately evokes images of the enormous planet with the great swirling storms and the Roman king of the gods, with thunderbolt in hand. The cocktail indicates power, something greater than all. I would expect ten different kinds of liquor served in a barrel, full of lighting, and on fire…or […]

Agent Carter S1E1 – Now is Not the En...

When I learned about this show, I immediately thought it was a fantastic idea and I have to admit it doesn’t disappoint. A non-superhero in a world of superheroes and super-villains being effective and kicking ass. I have to admit I have a real soft spot for those kinds of characters. Anyway, we pick up […]

Episode 7: Gimlet – Commentary

The Gimlet situation is another unique one that I don’t think we’ve encountered in any other drinks we’ve discussed. The drink’s name has two really great and possible origin stories, but only one of them is tied to the actual origins of the drink. When I first looked at this drink I did a quick […]

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