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Monthly archives for April, 2014

Off the Shelf #2: Spiteful Brewing a...

Off the Shelf #2:  Spiteful Brewing and Sumerian Beer Dinner Discussion

I know we did Spiteful Brewing before, but recently they came out with two very intriguing flavors that made me Tweet excitedly at Charles.  We tried the Raspberry Pigeon Porter and the Honey Stout.   Between those tastings, though, Charles discussed his experience at the Sumerian Beer dinner hosted by The Gage here in Chicago […]

Episode 36: Movin On Up — Park ...

Episode 36: Movin On Up — Park Avenue

Classic cocktail #36 is the Park Avenue.  Aside from its origins being the 1940s, we have no other history behind this one.  It seems like just another product that garnered fans by virtue of its name.  How many products, recipes, etc. have relied upon the symbols of success to gain attention?  I suspect that before […]

Potions Class Episode 1: Naked Blue M...

Potions Class Episode 1: Naked Blue Machine

This is our 1st Potions Class episode wherein we take something non-alcoholic and make it less liver friendly.  For this first one I pulled the bottle of Naked Blue Machine out of the fridge and brought it to Fion.  I’ve often wondered what could be done with a thick juice like these smoothie style beverages. […]

Episode 35: Even More Shakin Goin On...

Episode 35:  Even More Shakin Goin On — Ramos Gin Fizz

Episode #35 features the Ramos Gin Fizz.  I know we did fizzes already, but one can never get enough shaking.  Apparently Henry C. Ramos really couldn’t get enough of the shaking.  His drink required 12 minutes of non-stop shaking to be properly fizzed.  In 1888 Ramos created his fizz which became a sensation at his […]

Episode 34: Licensed to Swill –...

Episode 34: Licensed to Swill – Vesper

Episode 34 introduced the Vesper.  The unique thing about the Vesper in our menagerie of cocktail monsters is that it was fabricated entirely in a story by an author of fiction.  We have encountered a cocktail whose origins come from a movie title, but it was created by a bartender in honor of the movie.  […]

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