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Monthly archives for March, 2014

Off the Shelf: Beers of December 2014

Off the Shelf: Beers of December 2014

In December, in addition to my usual go to brands (Avery, Solemn Oath, Une Annee, and of course Pipeworks) we cracked open the beer the lovely Ms. Kathleen gifted to me, the pack of International Beers from World Market. Since I received it, I’ve wondered if these would be good or if they would be […]

Alcohol 101 – What is Alcohol?

Alcohol 101 – What is Alcohol?

This next episode is taking the project in a whole different direction.  Several months ago as I was doing one of our classic cocktail episodes, it struck me that I think I know a lot more about alcohol than I do.  I have the standard understanding of what it is and where it comes from…but […]

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